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Sue Pelletier

I'm liking the ASAE blog so far--except (or is that xcept) for the name. Maybe a post on what RSS is and how people can use it might be something to consider. Or a "blog center" at the show where people can see demos of how to set up blogs, how RSS, del.icio.us, technorati, etc., work.

This stuff can be such a boon to associations, yet I think there still is a big knowledge gap there--this is a great opportunity for ASAE to provide education that can make a difference for its members. Or are you guys already all over that?

Jeff De Cagna

Rich, I think you ask a fair question. I would describe this as a "walk before you run" situation. Our goal is to get people connected to what's happening on the blog in the easiest and fastest way possible. For most people, RSS is still a mystery to be unraveled, whereas e-mail is easily accessible.

As for del.icio.us, yes, most people will need to learn how to use it, but they also have the option of emailing us with suggested items if they like.

I greatly appreciate what I would describe as your "productive impatience." We're trying to build this blog with the readers in mind. We share you goal of making blogs and their related technologies more understandable and accessible to those readers and we look forward to your help in that regard. I hope you'll post on the XtremeASAE Blog on TSMR. Thanks in advance!


I was reading with anticipation and enthusiasm until I got to the word "email".

I guess trying to encourage use of RSS is asking too much?

I'm a bit surprised there wasn't even a mention of how - and more importantly, why - to subscribe via RSS (btw, I did).

If the audience can't figure out RSS, what are they going to think about del.icio.us? Their heads will explode.

Anyway, looking forward to it.

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