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given your background and mindset toward notions of "knowledge management," or, that is to say, the role of knowledge in organizations such as associations, what are your thoughts about the dearth of authentic knowledge-related content at the annual meeting? "knowledge management" is one of the CAE domains, or whatever the proper term is, but there were only three or four sessions in the "knowledge management" track -- and of these, from my read of the pre-show materials, only one really promised to address organizational/community knowledge as i know it and have worked with it. this is a work in progress, understandably, but i must confess that the paucity of sessions and the mis-labeling as "knowledge management" of the sessions that were programmed, were major reasons i didn't go to nashville. i would almost rather ASAE + Center would forego programming on "knowledge" altogether than to treat it the way they treated it in nashville. your thoughts, jeff?

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