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Innovation has been recognized now as part of management’s managerial capacity and capability. Innovation is omnipresent in everybody’s mind, but few people will unfold it and many people will ignore it. Innovation is not particularly directed towards just managing a corporate or finding a solution or bringing out a new equipment or machinery. Innovation is how you think and how you do the normal thinking and normal work in a different way to get exact results in a lesser time or more results in the same time, or more results in the same time for a lesser cost.

Innovative thought is the life of a human being. Without which he is as good as dead. Some people die innovatively, many people live innovatively and most of the people watch them with ignorance.

I insisted that every resume of applicant should have a statutory warning immediately below the address of the candidate. Similar to the warning we find on the Cigarette pack.
It should say that for example “taking my qualifications verbatim will jeopardize my selection chances”


Kevin Holland

Congrats, Jeff...nice blog, and I admire your chutzpah for committing to a daily blog!

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