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December 12, 2005


David Gammel

My inbox gets crowded enough without RSS feeds piling in. Makes sense to me that it would be pretty distracting. I like having my feeds off in their own application.

Ed Hou

Can't you choose which feeds you want to cycle? That's what I'm doing; I'm cycling through just about every Mozilla-related and tech feed there is.

Anyway, I think that seperating the feeds from the inbox was a great idea. I honestly can't be bothered to read my feeds sometimes, as I have many. This method is neither distracting, as it's only one line of text, not a thorn in the side to get through.


I find them interesting... They look cool.

We just glance them sometimes, and most of the times it helps us to know some useful tip or info about something.



What's needed is a clever browser extension which turns them off when you're in the spam folder. I got the joke the first time Google, you're very funny. Now give me my selected feeds and not recipes including spam. Once is funny. Ten times a day is simply annoying.

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