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January 24, 2006



Hi Jeff,

Your column is an innovative way to stop people from using "innovative!"

Cheers, Phil Ingrassia

Tim Wheeler

Hi Jeff,

My colleagues and I are researching levels of "Innovative Freedom" in organizations.

In return for posting the link for people to visit, I take on your bit about dumping Innovative.

I differ with the approach you have, because it could be perceived as treating the symptom, instead of the cause.

While I think that people should make sure they hold their workers accountable, management also needs to get out of the way.

Innovators should have the freedom first, to fail, and second to succeed. If workers are afraid of punishment for failure, they will hold back on truly innovative ideas, since these are often the most risky.

In addition, we need to cut our innovators in on the profit, and start distributing the wealth.




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